Monday, 1 June 2015

WOT June 2015 Wyche P-12 College news

Cross Country:
Well they are a fast bunch of students at Wycheproof P-12! (pictured left) The House Cross Country competition is now finished and in early May a team of students went to St Arnaud to compete in the North Central District event.  The weather was cold and drizzly at times but the competition was hot. 

Wycheproof runners did well and won the Standardised Pennant. As a result a number of students have earned a place to compete in the Zone final at St Arnaud. ...More in next WoT

Test tubes and beakers: Experiments in the science room are usually for the secondary students; however, on Wednesday 20 May, the Prep/1 class and the 2/3/4 students were invited to the science room by Mr Crockett.  
Do you know what happens to a balloon if you put some dry ice in it, tie it off and sit it on top of some water in a beaker? Well the little ones do. They watched it expand (blow up by itself) without any air. They also saw a chemical reaction when dry ice was placed in soapy water creating a volcano of bubbles. 
Thanks to Mr Crockett, these children had an early insight into some of the things that can be done in science. It was a great lesson!

 Teaching rounds: Wycheproof  P-12 College supports those currently studying towards becoming a teacher. At present Wycheproof two student teachers have been learning the ropes; Whitney Boyle is working with Allison Roll in the Grade 4/5/6 area and Luke Murray is in the secondary area working with Chris Duffy in Health and P.E.
It is great to have student teachers visit the school and we wish them all the best in their final years of study.