Tuesday, 31 May 2016

The eagle is landed

On 30 April we heard of the inspirational good news story of the rescue of  Wychie, an injured  wedge-tailed eagle. The majestic bird, a two-year-old male, was rescued by the Jones family in the Bunguluke area. It was  injured when its leg was caught in an old rabbit trap. Wychie made headlines in newspapers and TV news and the Bendigo Advertiser followed the story with   Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service president Neil Morgan and vet Dr Kellie Anset of Passionate Vetcare, who worked to bring Wychie  back to full health.
Wychie was released back into the timbered area along the Avoca River at Glenloth East on Saturday 21 May.
The use or sale of serrated, steel-jawed leg-hold traps is illegal and can incur fines of more than $29,000 plus two years’ imprisonment for individuals, and fines of more than $146,500 for corporations. The only leg-hold traps that can be used to capture rabbits, foxes and wild dogs  are those with smooth jaws and must be padded.
Wychie has been sponsored in his recovery by J&A Logistics who paid for the cost of veterinary treatment, medication and food.  If you find injured wildlife, call WRES on 0427 301 401.

Wychie the eagle back home   Photo courtesy Noni Hyett