Monday, 27 June 2016

WoT July: P-12 College news

Super Hero &Villains Day
Every super hero you could imagine and some villains arrived at school on Friday 17 June. It was all in good fun and for charity as the Students Leadership Team had organised the day to raise funds for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). Costumes ranged from the traditional Superman, Batman and the Hulk, to Minions and some newly created ones such as the Super Cat Ladies. At lunchtime the fun continued as students lined up to collect pizzas and drinks for a special treat.
This year the College has had two visits from the RFDS. During the first visit students saw inside the RFDS with their simulated aeroplane and the second visit was the dental service team providing dental checks for students. The dental team is due back in the near future to complete any dental treatments required.
  • Pictured above: Super heroes and villains prize winners: Kate,  Claudia, Louisa, Josie, Angus, Rhys, Olivia, Priya and Locke. 

Work Experience
During the last week of Term 2 Wycheproof P12 College supports the Year 10 and 11 students during work experience week. The Year 10 students find their own work in country regions while the Year 11s travel to Melbourne and stay in the city to familiarise themselves with city transport and accommodation. They also try out some of the many and varied restaurants for dining at night.
This year only two Year 10 students were working in Wycheproof and they have been employed by Bakery on Broadway. The remainder of the class were working in Bendigo with the exception of Billy Forrester who was in Swan Hill.

Dates to remember:
Monday 11 July: Start Term 3 and Semester 1 student reports distributed
Wednesday 13 July: School Council meeting 6.30pm
Friday 15 July:  House Athletic Sports, Prep to Year 12
Tuesday 26 July: NCD Athletics, Charlton Yr 7to 12
Friday 29 July: Calder Athletics, Charlton Prep to Year 6.