Saturday, 30 May 2015

WOT June 2015 Chamber chatter with Tracy

It was great to see the new business in town on the Market Day flyer for May. I will be approaching more businesses for the June promotion. All businesses will agree that sales are up, I hope it continues. 

Some businesses are smartening up the appearance of their shop fronts. This is great to see. 

Remember! buy local or bye bye local.

Some fantastic publicity in the Weekly Times see the story Wyche welcomes Wig and the photos of some happy local retailers. 

While discussing local business success, an important question to ask is: Are you really saving when you shop out of town? When all is added up; such as the cost of fuel, extra incidental purchases and the wear and tear on your vehicle surely must be added to the total spend and negate any perceived saving!

Please think about who is employing your children and who is sponsoring your club or group. It is local businesses. If we don't use the businesses and services we already have, in years to come when you are not so mobile and can't travel out of town they may not be here. 

So give locals a chance to quote on goods, you may be surprised how competitive their price can be and how convenient it is to have items installed and maintained by a local.

Let's work together to keep our town sustainable. 

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