Thursday, 9 July 2015

WOT July 2015 On the beat with Leigh Johnstone : number plates advice

If either number plate on your car is hard to read consider ordering a new one from Vic Roads. Number plates must be clearly visible from at least 20 metres. If they are dirty they should be cleaned. If they are old they should be replaced. 

If a number plate cover is fitted it must be clear, clean, untinted, flat over entire surface and have no reflective or other characteristics that would prevent the successful operation of a device approved for use in detecting traffic offences. In other words, if a speed camera can’t read your number plate, you are liable for a $148 fine and the loss of 3 demerit points. 

I know that we all hate speed cameras but they have probably saved a lot of lives since they have been operating and one of those might have been yours! 

The registered owner of a vehicle who is the holder of a credit card can even order number plates over the phone and have them mailed.

I have also been advised of an upcoming blitz on wearing seat belts and the use of a phone by hand when driving. Serial transgressors have now been warned!!

The fact that I’m “banging on” about number plates in this issue means that we have no serious crime apparent in the area which is great news.  
        Stay safe and warm

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