Tuesday, 1 September 2015

WoT #106 Sept 2015: Chamber Chatter with Tracy

Well,  isn't the year going fast! It won't be long and we will be decorating the peppercorn trees again.
I have been talking to a few of the local shoppers and they agree with the hardware store and Butcher shop opened up again, the town has been busier. Many asked the question of when the new Bakery is having its grand opening, maybe some answers in this ON TRACK? 
Good to see some businesses still working on their shop fronts and the inside of the craft shop finished. Even par with most businesses  that local shopping is a bit slow and we are glad of the road traffic, sporting clubs etc. Although I feel this is a general feeling everywhere.  If the rain keeps coming down  farmers will be happy and happy farmers makes for good trade. Until next edition BUY, BUY Local.  
Cheers Tracy!

In answer to Tracy's question...
We, at Bakery on Broadway, would like to thank everyone for their patience.
Everything is nearing completion, and we look forward to opening as soon as possible.