Tuesday, 1 September 2015

WoT #106 Sept 2015 News with Amanda

This month we celebrate the beginning of spring, and some wonderful happenings around town.  There are two engagements, that I know of; congratulations to James Coatsworth who popped the question to Casey Tonkin and to Tessa Allan and Jason Coles.  We wish you all many years' happiness.

Often we don’t take the time to appreciate what we have in this community, and sometimes it takes outsiders to remind us of what we do have. This month I was reminded of this after receiving an email forwarded to me from Mark Remnant at the Buloke Shire from some people travelling through town. They were so impressed they felt compelled to write to the Shire, see letter below:

“To the CEO of the Wycheproof Shire Council (Buloke Shire Council)
As my husband and I pulled into Wycheproof I was blown away by the innovation and creativity I saw on the corner opposite the shops, an amazing installation of creativity and imagination and a high degree of skill! As a practising artist myself I investigated and had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Johnson!
What talent this retired welder has! He was so friendly, informative and his work inspirational. After admiring I bought two walking sticks but plan to return to look at his more serious sculptures to purchase! They are incredible in concept skill and structure. I could only admire them and dream of purchasing one, one day. 
My further thoughts were what an asset to this town this creative man is. It adds a most interesting dimension and installation to the streetscape, which we also found neat and tidy. Well done local community. 
I also met a very nice woman selling tickets for a trailer of red gum  competition for  your Agricultural and Pastural Show. We are so excited as we now know when your Agricultural Show is on.
Thank you Wycheproof community we will return with pleasure.         Celia & Greg”

I emailed Celia and Greg to thank them for their kind words and to ask permission to publish their story, and I am pleased to report that they are planning to return to Wycheproof for The A&P Society Show in October.