Friday, 29 July 2016

Wycheproof P-12 News- August 2016

It’s not okay to be away
Wycheproof P-12 College encourages students to attend school each day unless they are unwell.  Students who have a good attendance record are to be congratulated and in Semester 1 students received certificates for 100% attendance. Congratulations to: Stephanie Mill, Stephanie Mora, Joseph Fawcett, Hannah Mill, Mackenzie Humphreys, Andrew Mens, Cameron Mens, Priya Coatsworth, Matilda Bish, Lachy Elder, Charlie Fawcett and Xavier McKersie.

The 100 percenters! Back: Stephanie Mill, Stephanie Mora, Joseph Fawcett, Hannah Mill, Mackenzie Humphreys, Andrew Mens. Front row : Priya Coatsworth, Matilda Bish & Cameron Mens

House Athletics
On Friday 15 July the College held the Annual House Athletics Sports. All Primary and Secondary students competed in at least seven different activities. Congratulations to everyone who had a go in the cool, overcast and threatening weather conditions. The support from parents and community members was very much appreciated. This year Broadway finished in front. Champions on the day were Year 5/6, Ella Sheahan, Spencer Nicholls, Yr 7/8 Amelia Ison, Angus Connolly, Yr 9/10 Gemma Fawcett, Billy Forrester, Yr 11/12 Georgia Sheahan and Morgan Fawcett. Secondary students now go on to the NCD Athletics and Primary have the Calder Sports, both will be held in  Charlton. 
Kinder Visit
On Monday 18 July students in Prep and Years 1&2  walked to the kindergarten to see the show ‘A Tale about a Tree' with Barry Peters from ‘Canya Dance’. Barry told the story with songs, props and with help from the children who had a great time. A big thank you to the Tracey Bennett and Wycheproof Kinder children for inviting the students to come along and see the show.

August dates to remember
Thursday 4 August: AMEB Music Exams
Monday & Tuesday, 8 & 9 August: Yr 10 Driver Ed, Charlton
Monday to  Friday, 8-12 August: Yr 9 Bogong Snow Camp
Wednesday 17 August: Parent -Teacher interviews.

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