Saturday, 8 October 2016

Buloke Council Lower Avoca Ward- Wycheproof Meet the Candidates

Four candidates for Lower Avoca

The four candidates for the two positions on Buloke Council to represent Lower Avoca Ward will attend at Meet the Candidates event on Monday 12 October at 7pm at the Wycheproof Railway Station.
All candidates were contacted and invited to provide information to Wycheproof On Track newsletter.
So far two candidates have provided information. In alphabetical order they are:

Alan Getley
I seek your support in the Lower Avoca Ward.
I have a proven track record of leadership, organisational and management skills and a long history of community service and dedication to the Buloke Shire. I intend to focus on the everyday issues that affect the liveability in Buloke, including rates, economic development, community infrastructure and roads.
Finally, I would like to pay tribute to Stuart McLean who retired after 19 years as a Councillor. I wish Stuart a long and happy retirement.   
Vote 1: Alan Getley

  •  Authorised by Alan Getley, 38 Mildura Way, Charlton, Vic, 3525.

Bronwyn Simpson
I  wish to introduce myself as your candidate for the Buloke Shire, Lower Avoca Ward elections.
I have lived in Charlton for 17 years and have worked in Wycheproof for 3 years.
Wycheproof and surrounding communities work hard to maintain vitality and bring visions to fruition. Having attended council meetings, I am aware that you have received grants to improve some facilities although there are many other projects which require assistance.
I currently sit on two boards and believe in good governance. I wish to make myself available to hear your concerns and represent your needs.
  • Authorised by Bronwyn Simpson, 831 Yeungroon Road Charlton 3525