Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WOT #105 August 2015: Wycheproof Community Garden

Wycheproof Community Garden Sproutings
With the coming of July and our shortest day behind us, it’s time to consider the on coming spring growing season. Thanks to a small band of members who have maintained the gardens and surrounds, the vast majority of our garden beds, vines and fruit trees have survived the past summer in good health. 

With the Spring growing season not too far away members are now planning what they would like to plant and nurture through to harvest. The recent welcome rainfall has done our property a lot of good and hopes are high for a successful growing season.

Membership for the full season commencing July 1 2015 until June 30 2016 is only $10. The cost per garden bed is $5 for the full year. 

Two or three working bees are normally held during the year in order to keep the garden in top shape. If you would like to be a part of the fun, contact any of the following: Ian Wheelhouse, Prof Milburn or Russ Bedggood to secure your spot. For anyone not familiar with our location in Park St, we are situated next to the hospital and directly behind Dr Ken’s residence.

Garden beds planted out with winter veges.