Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WOT #105 August 2015: Waterless fountain update

It was around 10 years ago that local residents and community groups around Wycheproof delved into the archives and the back of cupboards and drawers to find treasures and mementos that were to be preserved in the Wycheproof Waterless Fountain. The unveiling of the 'fountain' in 2006 was marked by an article in the Bendigo Advertiser (here).

Created by Bendigo artist Carlo Rolfe, the 'fountain' started out fulfilling the community's brief ...to preserve our proud history and to mark our resilience in time of drought. The 'fountain' was proudly placed in front of the rotunda at the corner of Broadway and O'Connor St. However, the vagaries of our climate, particularly over 40 degree summer days, quickly took their toll on the 'fountain' made of resin and it soon discoloured and cracked in the full force of the summer sun.

Over many years there have been attempts to repair the sculpture and find it a new home. Unfortunately repairs have failed and the discolouration can't be reversed. The fountain is currently at the Wycheproof Mens Shed where the volunteers are trialing ways to retrieve the objects and memorabilia intact to return to community groups and individuals. However, it is likely that not all items will be able to be retrieved.

Anyone who donated an item to the Waterless Fountain sculpture project and who wants that item returned is invited to inspect the 'fountain' at the Mens Shed to see if that is feasible, please contact the Wycheproof Community Resource Centre on 54937455 to arrange a time.