Tuesday, 4 August 2015

WOT #105 August 2015: Youth report

Wycheproof Youth Report
For the past month, the Youth Group has been busy renovating our youth room. From cleaning, to painting and making plans for the space we have created. 

We met on two separate occasions to prepare our room with sweeping, dusting and scrubbing and preparing walls  it for the base coat of paint. Then the next working bee we finally got to paint after a quick wash to take the remainder of dust and dirt off. The base coat we achieved by the end of the afternoon and we are excited to start planning for pops of colour. 
Our vision for the room, once completed, is for it to become a fun environment fit for many different events from Disco’s, movie nights and bonfires.                                                      by  Mackenzie and Hannah

                             ... here we are hard at working preparing for painting of the Youth Room